Digital Transformation for Financial Services


Engage your customers

Attract new customers
Reach customers through all channels
Customer retention
Help ensure customer data is private
Office 365 | Dynamics 365 | Power BI

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Empower your employees

Improving employee efficiency
Workforce agility
Productivity and collaboration
Protect data wherever it goes
Dynamics 365 | Enterprise Mobility Suite

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Optimize your operations

Improving business insights
Increasing compute needs
Meeting regulatory requirements
Support business continuity and security
Office 365 | Azure | Dynamics 365

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Transform your products

Innovate with agility
Transform how you run your business
Reinvent your product offering
Trusted security to protect your business
Azure | Dynamics 365 | Cortana

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Use data insights to personalize customer interactions.

Gain a 360-degree view of the customer’s relationship and interactions across sales, service, marketing, and claims management. Help coordinate relationship management efforts across people and channels by providing a single view of a client’s activities. Provide a more personalized and consistent customer experience and improve sales and marketing efficiency and effectiveness. Foster customer preference and loyalty by enabling customer service interactions when, where, and how customers prefer. (Dynamics 365, Office 365, Windows 10 devices).

Increase customer loyalty by transforming your customer delivery strategy. Attract new customers with a redesigned sales experience, integrate social marketing to engage customers within their personal networks, retain customers with an innovative service experience, and gain a holistic customer view. Predict the next logical product purchase and best offer to present to each customer. Enable a more seamless and personalized customer journey by using sophisticated rules, analytics, and algorithms to better predict customer needs. (Dynamics 365, Microsoft Azure, Office 365)

Digital transformation represents the opportunity for businesses to think and operate like digital companies-- in the ways they engage their customers, empower their employees, optimize their operations and transform their products. 

LOOK Innovative Agency and Microsoft are uniquely positioned to help businesses tackle these challenges by meeting customers where they are today with agile technology platforms and services that accelerate their digital transformation and business success.


Dynamics 365

Today, using big data and analytics in your business can have huge impacts. Positive impacts. Businesses and conumers are flocking to brands who are taking advantage of this trend

Enterprise Mobility Suite

Enterprise software for true mobility solutions. Get a cloud solution built to deliver apps and data access across all devices, while helping keep your business secure.

Microsoft 365 Business

Empower your team, safeguard your business, and simplify IT management with a single solution, purpose-built for your business. Microsoft's new holistic cloud solution for Midmarket.


Dynamics 365 for Sales

Today's sales landscape has changed. There's more information, more people, and more choices in this always on, mobile-centric world

Microsoft 365 Enterprise

Why? Microsoft 365 Enterprise is a complete, intellegent solution to empower employees to be creative and work together, securely.

Office 365

Microsoft Teams is the hub for teamwork in Office 365 and provides a shared workspace in which teams inside and outside an organization can communicate.

Microsoft Teams

Teams User Quick Start Guide for Every Department
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