Microsoft 365 Powered Device

Our world is changing

We live in a time of incredible transformation. Our world is changing around us and on so many levels. Every organization is going to be more digital tomorrow than it was today. And the pace is not slowing down. In technology this creates incredible pressure and urgency. We can’t do things in the same way we always have. We as IT, have to adapt, evolve, modernize. And we need to evolve today. Business is changing rapidly and IT needs to be at the head of the table and control its own destiny in this transition, helping to lead the business as it evolves. We need to embrace this change and lead.

Trends driving this digital transition

Security and cyber security are at the very top of the list for most customers. They are causing tremendous disruption for both business and IT. Business models are being disrupted, with many established brands going out of business as customers demand more digital ways of interacting. Those that can’t adapt quickly enough are being left behind. We also need to plan for natural events and disasters. Not only do they impact human lives and communities in saddening ways, but businesses can be totally blindsided. IT is expected to adapt and keep the lights on. In an increasingly global economy, new regulations and compliance like GDPR are well intentioned but create a lot of work for IT, with stiff business consequences for those who aren’t compliant. And finally, users are demanding a better experience than those of us in IT, have historically given them. Businesses are progressively seeing the value of technology in helping individuals and teams and improving culture.

Microsoft 365 powered device

We believe that Microsoft 365 is the best way to transform your organization and transition to the world of modern IT. Essentially, a Microsoft 365 powered device is a modern device running Windows 10 Enterprise and Office 365 Pro Plus, managed by EMS. This is the best way to experience Microsoft 365. This is the way to use the power of the cloud to simplify the life of IT, reduce costs and transition to modern IT at your pace. This is the way to empower employees with the best productivity tools to get the job done

Let's dig a little deeper into the Microsoft 365 powered device and see what it can do.

First, security is top of mind for all of us, and is often one of the very first conversations we need to have when it comes to embracing the cloud.

Second is the cost and the complexity to deploy all this stuff. We use the power of the cloud to ease the deployment of Microsoft 365 powered devices. We also use the power of the cloud to manage the environment with rich new tools and capabilities that are extensible for you as well.

Third, we bring the latest innovation to the hands of end users as fast as possible so they are more productive and more secure.

Finally, we leverage powerful insights to help manage this environment in a proactive way. This is data like security analytics that help understand what's going on in an IT environment, or device health analytics that helps anticipate problems with devices.


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