Supporting Black Community Nonprofits

The Nonprofit Tech Acceleration (NTA) program is committed to increasing technology for US-based nonprofits that support Black and African American communities, providing nonprofits with technology grants and technical consulting to help increase the impact of their missions.


Concierge Team

A real person dedicated to your tech needs. We are your voice, your advocate, your messenger. Our purpose is to understand and assist in addressing your technology needs so you can spend less time on tech, more time on your mission.


NTA Program Benefits

$3,500USD in annual Azure credits
10 free M365 Business Premium licenses
5 free Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise
10 free Power App licenses
Reduced pricing on additional licenses
A dedicated Concierge team


Digital Skills Training

Nonprofit digital skills training and courses. Empower your staff with many free and low-cost courses, demos, and trainings categorized by experience level so you can advance your mission with cloud-powered technology.


Virtual Workshops

Microsoft Learn - The place to share your learning experiences and get the latest updates related to training.
Virtual workshops and training Interactive virtual workshops and training sessions taught live by Microsoft.

Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit

NTA Concierge Process

To access Microsoft's nonprofit offers, call LOOK Innovative Agency. Then, register and confirm your organization's eligibility. Follow the step-by-step instructions below to make this process as easy as possible.

LOOK Innovative Agency
(800) 927-1773

Once your registration is approved tell the Concierge Team that you were referred by LOOK Innovative Agency. We will continue to partner with you to build out your teams solutions.

Office Address: 1151 Hammond Drive, Suite 240, Atlanta, Georgia 30346 United States

Nonprofit AccelerationStart your transition to the cloud with our Onboarding Concierge team. Our specialists will match your organization with technical software to meet your specific needs. With personalized service from our specialists, you can spend less time on tech and more time on your mission.

Step One

First learn about the registration and eligibility process and how to get nonprofit offers from Microsoft. For further assistance, access frequently asked questions about our nonprofit product donations and discounts. Next, gather documents that prove your organization's eligibility, as described on the Eligibility page. Now you're ready to begin the registration process.
Registration and eligibility process
Frequently Askes Questions

Step Two

Microsoft will evaluate your potential eligibility. Registration review may take up to 7 days. You will receive an email notifying you if your registration has been approved. While waiting for your registration review results get a head start with technical training through the Nonprofit Digital Skills Training, and more learning paths for nonprofit employees.
Nonprofit Digital Skills

Step Three

Once your registration is approved, you can access the Nonprofit Hub to take advantage of customized offerings to ensure collaboration, productivity, and security of your organization. Please visit below, the Nonprofit solutions that we will help you deploy, as your Microsoft Partner.
Know your donors and supporters
Deliver effective programming
Accelerate mission outcomes


This is why Microsoft recently announced Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit. It’s time nonprofits had modern, cloud-based solutions based on sector best practices.

Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit

Cloud for Nonprofit signals Microsoft's engineering commitment to delivering that innovation to the sector in the months and years to come. Purpose built solutions that are common to all nonprofits, driving on intelligent constituent engagement, effective program delivery, and solutions that help you accelerate mission outcomes.

Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit vision It all begins with attracting, retaining, and growing a base of constituents. Then being able to handle all the different ways those supporters might give – through individual donations, planned giving, gift in kind, grants, recurring giving, and more.

Microsoft Cloud NonprofitMany nonprofits operate with complex staffing models that leverage volunteers. Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit will help organizations manage volunteers and enable them to collaborate and engage on the causes where they can make the most impact. It helps organizations design programs, services, track outcomes and measuring impact. This is the core of any nonprofit.

Donors and Supporters

Personalized Engagement . Connect through compelling content via the most proven channels.

Constituent Management. Attract, retain, and grow donor and supporter bases.

Donation & Award Management Payment processing, fund accounting, and designation management to support fundraising efficiency.

Deliver effective programming

Volunteer Management. Enable volunteer coordinator and volunteers to collaborate and match skills with needs.

Program Delivery. Design, deliver and measure programs that maximize mission delivery.

Accelerate mission outcomes

Unified Data. Unified Data Unify fundraising, program, finance, operations, and disparate data across the back-office and frontline

Constituent Analytics. Understand which supporters and constituents are most likely to engage through which channels and at the optimal times


Modernize donor and constituent engagement to increase mission impact. Gain a more in-depth understanding of your supporters to direct targeted communications.

Attract donors

Know your donors and supporters. Increase funding and support of your mission by aligning program needs with personalized supporter engagements.

Modernize donor engagement Attract, retain, and grow donors with tools that will tailor the donor experience and save staff time, including rapid donation management, payment processing, and constituent research powered by LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

LinkedIn Sales NavigatorCreate a seamless experience between Sales Navigator and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales. Empower sales reps to build meaningful relationships, sell smarter, boost productivity, and accelerate sales performance.

Gain deeper constituent insights

Use Dynamics 365 Customer Insights to align marketing and fundraising teams to create more meaningful constituent connections through unified data, connected processes, and AI-generated insights.

Improve marketing effectiveness

Dynamics 365 Marketing helps create a seamless donor journey by enhancing lead management and enabling the creation of content based on giving preferences and shifting fundraising needs.

Take an intelligent marketing guided tour

Earn lifelong donors

Build donor loyalty with Dynamics 365 Customer Service by empowering your teams with the streamlined data and unified technology they need to deliver personalized experiences.

Take a customer service guided tour

Nonprofit Finance

Intelligent cloud applications that unify constituent and fundraising management, program delivery, and finance and operations to maximize program outcomes and impact.

Business Applications

Constituent Management and Funding . Manage constituent relationships. Manage gifts, grants, sponsorships and donor recognition. Plan and execute digital events and marketing campaigns. Leverage data insights to improve fundraising and impact.

The world’s connected AI business cloud Dynamics 365 & Power Platform. Operations, Commerce, Talent, Finance, Marketing, Sales, Service.

Microsoft Cloud NonprofitMicrosoft Cloud for Nonprofit connects the intelligent and integrated cloud capabilities of the Microsoft stack to the most common nonprofit organizational scenarios, including constituent engagement and fundraising, staff collaboration and volunteer management, and program design and delivery.

Program Delivery

Enable end-to-end tracking of nonprofit program delivery activities.

Design programs aligned to key indicators to drive better outcomes.

Manage frontline services, facilities, and supply chain and logistics.

Use data to optimize and make smart program and resource decisions.


Monitor performance in real time Simplify financial operations, with invoice automations, budget planning, expense management.

Data reliability to help small nonprofits build trust with funders

Intelligent and predictive insights

Customizable tools and mobile apps

Microsoft Power Platform

Build no-code and low-code customer applications

Analyze data using Power BI

Power Apps like Nonprofit Program Design and Nonprofit Operations Toolkit provide can leverage all cloud solutions

Automate workflows using Power Automate

Build intelligent bots using Power Virtual Agents

Customer Engagement

Deliver effective customer outcomes. Improve customer satisfaction, engagement, and profit margins by helping your marketers, sellers, and service agents understand the customer while engaging remotely and digitally across channels.

Innovation Service Suite

One of the biggest challenges businesses face today is the cost, maintenance, and management of fragmented solutions to enable traditional contact center channels such as voice and more modern solutions with chat and social channels.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service With service at the heart of businesses’ relationships with their customers, our passion to enable those businesses to earn customers for life.

Dynamics 365Increasing agent productivity through an intelligent, simplified agent experience is the foundation for enabling organizations to provide stellar, personalized service to customers. In this release we focused on simplicity, flexibility, and personalization of the agent experience to increase productivity and customer satisfaction.

Know Your Customer

Bring together transactional, behavioral, and demographic data in real time to create an AI-infused, 360-degree view of your customers. Understand customer behavior using digital and cross-channel analytics.

Digital Selling

Add a personal touch in a digital world with connected data across LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Dynamics 365, and Microsoft 365. Deliver frictionless engagement with a connected sales team. Enable productivity anywhere, anytime.

Always-on Service

Deliver proactive service. Ensure consistent and dependable operations by predicting, detecting, and resolving field service issues before your customers even know there’s a problem. Remotely resolve issues using (IoT) sensors.

Fundraising and Engagement

Modernize donor and constituent engagement to increase mission impact

Now more than ever, nonprofit organizations need modern, data-driven solutions to help strengthen and grow donor relationships, efficiently fundraise and process donations, and understand the financial impact of fundraising efforts. Plus, organizations need to do all of that while delivering more services in response to unprecedented global need.

At the same time, donor expectations are changing so nonprofits need to be able to tie fundraising efforts to program results to demonstrate transparency and impact.

Attract, retain, and grow donors through personalized engagement. Better understand supporters and provide targeted engagements with a comprehensive view of constituents including preferences, household information, and affiliations. Increase donor loyalty and lifetime giving by understanding and addressing funder priorities. Enable fundraisers to quickly respond to organizational and program needs.

Drive fundraising efficiency and reduce costs with automated processes.Empower nonprofit staff to be able to spend more time on mission critical work by automating business processes. From faster monthly recurring gift management to data processing and imports driven by Azure, move nonprofit staff from reactive to strategic.

LOOK Innovative Agency and Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit uniquely brings together trusted cloud capabilities of the Microsoft stack aligned to the most common nonprofit organizational scenarios, including constituent management, award management, fundraising, volunteer management, and program design and delivery. By aligning once disparate data sources from across the organization, nonprofits can realize the full value of their data to help accelerate mission outcomes.



• Prospect and opportunity management
• Constituent engagement powered by LinkedIn
• Donation management and payment processing
• Preference, task, and activity tracking

Drive Fund Raising

• Recurring gift management
• Pledge management
• Batch import and entry
• Donation payment processing

View Financial Outcomes

• Integrates with Microsoft ERP solutions
• General Ledger integration
• Transaction management
• Real-time gift processing


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